I'm Brie! I'm an artist who loves visual kei and my OCs. I originally made this site to host my commissions, and then I started to make F2U stuff, and added on and on from there! Now, I use it for my commissions, my F2U stuff, along with hosting my OC work and other misc art pieces!

I love 00s era web aesthetics, as it reminds me of my childhood. As a small kid, I tried my hand at coding with web.com... Granted, I wasn't good and I mainly used templates, but I loved it and it sparked a passion in me. I'm really attached to things from that era; flip phones, CDs with music downloaded from Limewire, my i-Pod nano (barely kicking, however).

I also am a game developer! My projects are all solo and indie, and will all be free to play. Currently, my big finished project is called Girlfurriends, but i'm working on a game called 18782, focused on my visual kei OCs. [You can play these and my dress up games on my itch.io!!!]

I'm a very quiet person, but feel free to talk to me!! I love meeting people ^-^9

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