Gachi koi nenchaku-jū Chapter One

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please support the original author. This chapter is online for free in Japanese.

Site Sources: Piccoma [Might not be acessable w/out VPN] / Comic-Zenon

Any notes are at the bottom. Please do not take this translation as 100% correct.

Read right-> left. Pages are in book format.

Warning note: There is a scene that implies throwing up/wretching over a toliet, but it's not graphic.

Pages 6-7: The Kanji on this page was EXTREMELY hard to read. I tried my best, but definitely keep that in mind.

Page 13: The last panel was really hard to read; She might be wondering if it's a locked fan account or Subaru's locked account. Either way, the term she uses is pretty much someone's "sick" account [like a vent account]. I tried to make it vague because I wasn't sure tbh lol

Pages 18-19: I don't think it's a mistake that she says her frappe is peppermint [Hakka], but then writes its apple. I don't know why you'd lie about it, but.

Page 26: The noises shes making are just, that, noises. It's a lot of "Aaa" and "Uuu" noises but I figured it'd be fine to translate it as more "Augh"/"Ugh".

Page 28: The message from "Rihoko" is strange-- I think it's an alternative account for Mero? I might've read the name wrong, but when I looked up the Kanji it came up as Rihoko. My guess is it is an alternative account for her, but I also wondered if it was a fan account of Mero's, because it seems people were rooting for her. I tried a more literal reading of the text, and tried to make it slightly ambiguous but maybe it just reads strangely...

Page 29: His message to the model was kind of weird to translate? It's not a 1:1 i'm sure, but the point is the model is upset that he's not calling her his girlfriend and Subaru is like "we only met once."

Page 29: The term he uses for "breaking new ground" is something that if I understand correctly, is used more for denoting pioneering or starting a new buisness venture. I figured it'd be understood if it was written like that.

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