Gachi koi nenchaku-jū Chapter Two

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please support the original author. This chapter is online for free in Japanese.

Site Sources: Piccoma [Might not be acessable w/out VPN] / Comic-Zenon

Any notes are at the bottom. Please do not take this translation as 100% correct.

Read right-> left. Pages are in book format.

Page 3: What Hina says in the last panel is ??? But I think the implication is shes acting like him saying that is an emotional remedy

Page 4: Some of the text on page 4 was weird to translate, but hopefully it's close enough.

Page 7: The speechbubble with her fretting over her hair isn't a perfect 1:1, but I tried to capture the feeling. Also, her saying, "This isn't right!" is more accurately "This is dangerous!" But it felt like a weird translation with the context

Page 11: The last thing of text gave me issue again... I'm not 100% sure, but she could also be saying "Dreaming is better because I can't see his face" but that sounded weird to me

Page 13: The conversation about cooking was really hard to read, but I tried my best.

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