I'm Brie!! The webmaster of the site!!

Truth be told, I have a bad memory so I'll guess the site was made sometime in...2019? Or at least that's the oldest records I'm finding of it. It's been through a few iterations by now; I get anxious every so often and want to re-do it. Either way, the site has been consistantly a place for me to put my art!!

Aside from this website, I have a lot of hobbies and live a pretty normal life. My main interests are game design, art, sewing, and sculpting (I probably forgot a lot there, but that's okay for now). I've been online for as long as I can remember, and started doing coding and site design when I was in elementary school.

I like to watch movies often [I'll put ones I really like in my interests section; I might occasionally write a few reviews here and there]. I'd say overall I'm a pretty optimistic person despite going through a lot in life. I do tend to keep to myself naturally, as I'm a quiet person and not so good at communication unless I'm super close to someone. All that being said, if you've ever left a nice comment to me, I'll read it and cherish it!!

Thank you for reading and checking out my site~ Hope you have a lovely day!