Commissions TOS

☆ What I Won't Draw ☆

× Political + Offensive/Illegal material (this includes slurs)

× Animals/Robots/Mechs/Furries**

× Hardcore Gore***

× Aged up characters/Underaged x Adult/ect

× Characters from: YandereSim, Attack on Titan, Boyfriend to Death, Killing stalking, Hazbin Hotel

× Oc/Insert x Real person, Real person x Real person, nsfw of a real person ect ****


Lingerie + Breasts are OK, however, only applicable to characters who are 18+ / For the latter please have your age listed [you must be 18+] or else I will refuse.

**Animal ears/nose/tail are OK; I can attempt humanoid-shaped, just not full-on animals

***Bandages, Bruises, Medical themes are OK. Self harm scars are ok, as long as it's not presented in a way that promotes self harm. [I will not draw active self-harm]

***Exceptions apply with gifts of people you personally know.

☆ In Reguards To Posting... ☆

✝ You do not need to ask me if you can post on or post in a discord chat (Any one of my @'s, Toyhouse my name is listed as @ Briesocs !!!)

✝ I'd prefer no reposting on dA/Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram given the fact that I have accounts on there and will most likely post the commission there!!!

✝ If you do not want your commission public for whatever reason, please just lmk!!!! You don't have to explain. [Just note it in the posting section] [I will also not use it for commission examples either]

☆ Misc Info ☆

✝ Please pay upfront! I use invoices!

✝ Please note, although I will do revisions free of charge once completed I will not 1. Change the whole piece (i.e. start all over again) 2. No refunds.

✝ If you want a transparent/solid BG let me know! I can do it at no extra cost. Also feel free to ask for resizing.

✝ My work time depends on how busy I am! Things that cost less take less time [1-3 Days], Things that cost more take a longer time [~1 Week+].

✝ I send WIPs for every stage of the process!

✝ If theres something you're interested in that i've done in the past that's no longer listed, feel free to ask me about it still! There's a chance I may still do it.

✝ Please do not sell merchandise of my art without prior permission. Please consult me. I also will not put any commissioned work on my f2u website/make merch of it. (If you get a comm and you want to print it for yourself on your wall or something and you’re not selling it in any way, that’s fine!)

☆ If you have any other inquiries please let me know!!!☆