Won't Draw

Political + Offensive/Illegal material (this includes slurs)


Hardcore Gore**

Aged up characters/Underaged x Adult/ect, incest ships; I will not draw NSFW for minors either.

Characters from: YandereSim, Attack on Titan, Boyfriend to Death, Killing stalking, Hazbin Hotel

Certain ships: Joscarl, JackNaib,AdaEmil

Oc/Insert x Real person, Real person x Real person, nsfw of a real person ect***


* Animal ears/nose/tail are OK. Mechanical parts it depends.

** Bandages, Bruises, Medical themes are OK. Self harm scars are ok, as long as it's not presented in a way that promotes self harm. [I will not draw active self-harm]

*** Exceptions apply with gifts of people you personally know for real person x real person (i.e. a gift for a couple is fine/asking for you and your s/o is fine.). I just don't want to be drawing random big youtuber a with random big youtuber b or visual kei ship art.

☆In Regards to Posting☆

You do not need to ask me if you can post on or post in a discord chat (Any one of my @'s, Toyhouse my name is listed as @ Briesocs !!!)

I'd prefer no reposting on dA/Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram given the fact that I have accounts on there and will most likely post the commission there!!!

If you do not want your commission public for whatever reason, please just lmk!!!! You don't have to explain. [Just note it in the posting section] [I will also not use it for commission examples either]

☆Misc info [Time, ect]☆

Please pay upfront. I'll tell you when I send the invoice, please confirm that you get it!

Please note, although I will do revisions free of charge once completed I will not 1. Change the whole piece (i.e. start all over again) 2. No refunds (unless I have not started on a piece)

If you want a transparent/solid BG let me know! I can do it at no extra cost. Also feel free to ask for resizing.

My work time depends on how busy I am! Things that cost less take less time [1-3 Days], Things that cost more take a longer time [~1 Week+].

I'll try and update you with WIPs as best as I can! Please just dont spam my inbox.

If theres something you're interested in that i've done in the past that's no longer listed, feel free to ask me about it still! There's a chance I may still do it.

Please do not sell merchandise of my art without prior permission. Please consult me. I also will not put any commissioned work on my f2u website/make merch of it. (If you get a comm and you want to print it for yourself on your wall or something and you’re not selling it in any way, that’s fine!)


I DO NOT allow the use of my work to be minted/made into NFTs. Not only my commissioned artwork--INCLUDING meaning personally commissioned for yourself-- but my f2u and general artwork as well. If you use my artwork for NFTs, not only are you breaking any prior agreement made from me, but you also are agreeing if you sell it to give all the proceeds to me, as well as get the NFT removed from such a space. This includes anyone who gets my art through trades as well. Any NFTs are done WITHOUT my permission, as I do not wish to partake in crypto in any variety, especially through my own artwork.