Style: Daisy Chain

Reference: ( Any sort of character reference images! Please include colored images-- worst case and you dont have any, provide a palette please and thank you. Toyhouse links also work! In addition, room/clothing references can go here.)

Extra: ( Anything extra you think is important to mention! Pose, expression, personality traits, ect. )

OK to post?: ( Just let me know if you're ok with this being posted, and if so any handles! There are no extra fees for wanting a piece private. )

Paypal: ( Paypal email here so I can invoice! )

Please if you use the forum, delete the text in the "()" and fill in your own. I suggest using the forum because I'll ask for all of these things anyway, and it keeps it organized.

* Send this to my Tumblr/Twitter/Toyhouse/Ect. I don't have this site set up so I can't handle it being sent to me from here.