References: You have a prexisting OC, and you want them to have a neat and orderly reference sheet, or you want them to have more clothes.

Customs: You don't have a prexisting OC, but you want one designed from scratch with a vague idea in mind.

Example 1 : You have a headshot made in a doll maker. You have an idea of the clothes you want them to have [say, pastel goth, wears flashy skirts and hair acessories]. --> Reference

Example 2 : You want an oc that's a demon, you don't know exactly what you want their hair or features to look like, but you know you want them to dress in a decora type of fashion with a mainly yellow scheme. --> Custom

References you must have some type of reference on how the character looks; Customs you can leave it to me to fully design the OC.

You do not need to gather up specific outfits to clothe the character with, but please at least have a ballpark of fashion [i.e: Steampunk, wears red/gold mainly. ] [Clothing images/pinterest boards are fine to send however!!]