Status: Open

- Pay is through PayPal only right now.

- Prices are in USD.

- Pay is upfront. Refunds are not available once the piece are done.

About the Commission itself:

- Prices are per-character.

- My standard is usually a transparent bg or solid color bg. If I do one and you want the other, please let me know and I'll provide the other/both versions

- WIPs are provided at every step in the process! Usually it's Sketch-> Lines-> Color. There can be more steps or slightly different ones, but in general I tend to send at least ~2-3 wips.

- Revisions are fine within reason. [Please just don't ask me to totally start over a piece when it's done and every WIP-check there was no issue.]

- I usually work pretty fast and my turn around times depend on the type of piece. Lower-priced pieces tend to take only a couple days at most; Higher priced pieces can take 1-2 weeks.

- If there's something in the past I've had on my commissions thats not currently there that you're interested in, feel free to let me know!

- General note: Headshot= ~Shoulders ; Halfbody = ~Waist ; Fullbody = Full figure

- I DO NOT allow the use of my work to be minted/made into NFTs. Not only my commissioned artwork--INCLUDING meaning personally commissioned for yourself-- but my f2u and general artwork as well. If you use my artwork for NFTs, not only are you breaking any prior agreement made from me, but you also are agreeing if you sell it to give all the proceeds to me, as well as get the NFT removed from such a space. This includes anyone who gets my art through trades as well. Any NFTs are done WITHOUT my permission, as I do not wish to partake in crypto in any variety, especially through my own artwork. I also do NOT allow any of my work to be fed into any sort of AI software, and that includes my F2U and non-commission art as well.