- You do not need to ask me if you can post on or post in a discord chat (On Toyhouse my name is listed as @ Briesocs, but any of my socials are fine !!!)

- I'd prefer no reposting on dA/Tumblr/Twitter/Instagram given the fact that I have accounts on there and will most likely post the commission there!

- If you do not want your commission public for whatever reason, please just lmk!!!! You don't have to explain. [Just note it in the posting section] [I will also not use it for commission examples either]. There is not an extra charge for wanting/needing something private.

- Please do not sell merchandise of my art without prior permission. Please consult me first. I also will not put any commissioned work on my f2u website/make merch of it. (If you get a comm and you want to print it for yourself on your wall or something and you’re not selling it in any way, that’s fine!). You may NOT put my art through any sort of AI software.

- If you sell a character you got art of from me/a character you got designed by me, it's fine to factor in the price of a image you commissioned me of that character in resale, just please put the price you got the commission at honestly.