No Reposting! This includes things like photosets on twitter/tumblr/insta/ect. This DOES NOT include things like adding a cursor to your site or putting a pixel asset in your bio or using an icon. [If you take a screenshot of them in use, that's fine. Send them along I love seeing it : ) ]

No editing! In any way. If you have a request for a small edit, please just send me a dm on any of my social media.

PLEASE give credit back. I don't care if you link here, my toyhouse, my twitter, my tumblr, ect; just Please give credit where you use it


I DO NOT allow the use of my work to be minted/made into NFTs. Not only my commissioned artwork--INCLUDING meaning personally commissioned for yourself-- but my f2u and general artwork as well. If you use my artwork for NFTs, not only are you breaking any prior agreement made from me, but you also are agreeing if you sell it to give all the proceeds to me, as well as get the NFT removed from such a space. This includes anyone who gets my art through trades as well. Any NFTs are done WITHOUT my permission, as I do not wish to partake in crypto in any variety, especially through my own artwork.