Hi I'm Brie and this is my personal art website!!! ฅ(^・ω・^ฅ)

Here you can find my art and OCs, along with my commissions!

Aside from that, it is just a general personal site!

Feel free to leave a comment on the guestbook or in the chatbox! (Any errors encountered can be posted there too! Thank you!)

Please enjoy your stay~ Thank you for visiting! ก₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎ค

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May 29th, 2023: ART LOG 12 has 3 new entries. The 2 entries before's error was fixed.

May 23rd, 2023: ART LOG 12 has a new entry.

May 22nd, 2023: ART LOG 12 has a new entry. COMMISSION pages ZEKI, REFERENCE have new examples.

May 20th, 2023: LOG 04 has a new entry.

May 17th, 2023: ART LOG is redone and updated. COMMISSIONS page is redone and updated. Things are being connected to the main sitemap. GUESTBOOK added to the home page. Old pages deleted.

April 10th, 2023: ART LOG is redone. About layout is fixed. OC launch page is re-done.

March 31st, 2023: LOG is redone.

March 24th, 2023: Banner and header added. Edited the dimensions of main page slightly.

March 23rd, 2023: Site is getting revamped. New CSS, New Homepage and new Enter page have been made.