A little WIP! From a 5-page comic [+ 1 'extra' page]. Yesterday, I finished rewatching Lucky star. It was one of the first anime I found on my own and watched on Youtube as a kid. Today I've been thinking how as a kid I used to go on anime forum pages often... I used to write down the numbers of the pages I left off on [because it was a shared computer] to come back to. I know some forums I definitely got into the 400-pages of lol. Now, i'm moving onto rewatching Haruhi. As a kid I loved that one too. As an adult, there are some things I could live without [same goes with things in Lucky Star]. I guess in a way it's a product of the time [though I don't know how much things have changed, I don't watch newer anime really]. I still love Lucky Star, and i'm excited to relive Haruhi. It's funny, I actually have one of the Haruhi boxsets... It was an accidental thing because I wanted the manga, but ended up with the boxset of the first DVD. I actually have a really extensive collection of manga from when I was a kid too. Lots of Shonen Jump stuff, decent amount of Shojo Beat and Tokyopop too.

I'm still sad about the BlazBlue news. Just yesterday I was wondering if they'd ever add more to the series, but with the lead guy leaving the company, it makes that seem shaky. I'm still only on the 2nd game, but it's sad reguardless. I hope things aren't as grim as they seem for the direction of the series, but I guess it's something to just let out of my head because you can't change fate. Once I saw the news, I told my girlfriend, "It just means I have to make a doujinishi now." Will I ever? Maybe. Will I ever post it? Definitely not here... Or on any of my socials aside from a priv for friends.

Speaking of her, my girlfriend and I started Kamen Rider Ryuki about a week ago. The guy we started watching for, Asakura, finally appeared! (⁄ ⁄•⁄ꇴ⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ Ah, maybe my tastes arent the best... What is with me lately and obsessing over snake-themed men... Anyway! The series is incredibly fun and VERY dated for it's time-- in a fun way! It's funny that it's 20 years old now... It feels very 2000s, but hearing it's 20 years old just sounds so strange to me. The camera work and CGI is probably the cheesiest out of any season we've watched so far. It's fun and endearing in the same note. The plot is such a mess and my girlfriend and I keep remarking how this season was the blueprint for Ex-Aid given the similar themes.

Back in BlazBlueNewz... I finally unlocked every storyline! Hazama's is staring at me, but I want to save his for last, like a nice dessert. I finished Hakumen's. In my head i'm still trying to figure his out... I wasn't feeling really well when playing it so I feel something got lost on me... I know I got the main beats between him and Tsubaki and him facing Jin too. I remember it, but why does my mind feel foggy still... Also! I've gotten better playing Hazama and finally have a semi grip on how to use him! Am I amazing at him? No way! But i'm having fun. I got to the 2nd to last arcade stage but kept dying and then had to quit... Ah, i'll get it... (´;ω;`)999999

4:24pm .. .. // 9.25.2022

This is yet again probably going to be a lot of BlazBlue talking, but i'll talk about other stuff first. I'm almost done with every 'shot' of the last video of 18782 that isn't dream related. Then it is onto dreams which... Ah, that'll be a lot of work... It's funny, I don't know if I mentioned it, but as time goes on, I realize I need to figure out what to work on next... I have a few different things bouncing around, but i'm not sure which yet...! I need to do more development though... I'm excited with everything like that! Once I get this video done, I might organize myself for the rest of the month haha... I say that, but i'll always go back when I say things like that...

I have a few things to code still on my Youtube clone page... Ah, it's funny, because I don't know exactly what to type in some spots. I feel it'd be redundant to have an "about" section there too [even if a lot of Youtube pages in 2011 did-- for obvious reasons]. I still need to figure out what videos to add and then once everything is properly laid out-- add functionality! It's been a fun little project...

Now onto BlazBlue talk and BlazBlue spoilers [for Continuum Shift, at least]. I've been trying to space out doing the story mode--- not because i'm not invested-- actually, the opposite! I'm going to be sad once I run out of story. Yesterday, I 100%'d Makoto's story, and today I finally got Tsubaki's 'true' end. Makoto's was really sweet. Prior, I didn't get the true ending, I got one of the shoot offs. It kind of helps solidify my Makoto x Noel agenda haha--. Ah, her storyline is sweet no matter how much you look at it. I have a soft spot for the 'in any universe' sort of trope, and it felt like that. However, it really is some type of horror of her discovering past failed incarnations of her best friend... It was also kind of cute she and Rachel got to meet. It was fun to hear their interactions together. I have a soft spot for Makoto, even moreso after that ending.

Ah, I should talk about Tsubaki too while i'm here. Tsubaki-- I do like her character overall, I just wish they didn't make things so weird with her and Jin [ That whole type of thing.... Just feels awkward throughout the game no matter who it is]. Putting aside the weird parts, even though I played it before, the scene where she reminisces on her making the little promise thing with him and he chuckles a little is really cute. Also, I am super excited to learn more about the Imperator and stuff. The animated scene with Hazama and Tsubaki was really fun and blood pumping! And then the aftermath! I'm looking forward to playing more and learning more about the true intentions...!

Aside from that... I guess my last thing is i've been trying to work on Abyss mode still. I got to level 360 as Noel... and then died to a Litchi... ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` ) I refuse to give up though...! I left off on level 100 because my hands got sore [ouchie...]

9:53pm .. .. // 9.22.2022

A little WIP! I guess i'll talk a little bit about that. I guess my nostalgia caught up with me about early internet, especially youtube. I'm trying to remake a YouTube user page from 2011--- in my own way, of course. I was going to do what I did a while back trying to do the same effect; take it from the wayback machine and gut it, but, looking at the html from it made my head hurt and it took a few seconds to load [which, isn't horrible but I don't think it's optimal]. So! I decided just to remake my own from scratch. Most of the code is sitting elsewhere right now, but i'll eventually migrate it onto this site and make it cute!

I've thought about getting back into animating. As a kid, that's what I wanted to do. It's not now of course, but I can't help but feel a certain longing seeing old MAD videos and Vocaloid PVs and what not... So something like that is what I want to do! Maybe little shorts too... But for right now, i'll code into this page some videos I like I think 'w'9

I've been very slowly trying to work on 18782. It's not stuff that's particularly fun to work on-- Animating, re-doing old art. It's one of those things that once it's done and together, i'll be very nice to look upon. However, in the moment it feels more like a chore. Ah, I keep reminding myself-- get this done, and you'll be happy you were able to finish something! Yes, yes, yes...

Also I've been thinking about Blender again... It's funny, i've been going around saying I have art block, but in reality it's only towards drawing, and even that is waning slightly. I'm not complaining. Ah, i'll leave off here!! Excited to work more and more on things.

8:11pm .. .. // 9.19.2022

I finished arcade mode!! I spent about an hour yesterday trying to get my controller I got forever ago to work with my PC... And finally got it! It was a bit of a learning curve to get used to controller controls, especially because last handheld system I played was probably the switch, and thats when it came out, and then probably Resident Evil 5. Anyway!!! I was able to beat arcade mode in BlazBlue Continuum Shift finally as Noel!! I'm looking forward to doing it as other characters too 'w'9. I kept getting stuck on Hazama, and beat him-- I think without needing to start over!! Ah... tomorrow is more of that; excited excited...!

9:18pm .. .. // 9.16.2022


私が遊びブラズブルしいていました。ハザマが佩用赤いがジャケット。。。あh!ジャケットが彼氏がハザマに、ラグナ!!!  あ、あ、そうでないかもしれえない。。。それども、それは可愛い、ですね?。。。 (〃ω〃)(〃ω〃)(〃ω〃)(〃ω〃)

9:31pm .. .. // 9.11.2022

テスト~ テスト~!

あああ、私わ持って練習する必要がある。わたしが欲しいかう人形がマナー様。 しますかう人形月の終わりに。私わどうじにしが買うかもしれません。。。大好きハザマx ラグナ。。。あああああああ!私わ恥ずかしい、恥ずかし! 頑張っています。。。! ( 〃▽〃)

9:53pm .. .. // 9.7.2022

Been doing a lot of work on 18782 work lately! Ah... and a lot of gaming. Again having a lot of nostalgia... In Continuum Shift, there was some things in the gallery pertaining to things from game magazines, it made me wistful. I wish there were magazines I was currently interested in that are running and do a fanart section [I do occasionally get Rock n Read when I proxy order, but afaik, there's no fanart section, not to mention, whole other country]. I always liked looking at those sections.

Again on the BlazBlue kick-- trying to unlock some stories is actually suprisingly hard. In Calamity Trigger, I tended to do 1 route of everyones story and then worry later on about finishing them all. I have Litchi, Arakune, Relius, Hazama, Valkenhayn...and Hakumen? Ah, i'm guessing Hazama I might not be able to unlock until the very end-- Which, i'm excited for his the most, but it's nice to have the desert to look forward to after good meals, isn't it? I'm not upset at having to wait hehe.

Ah, another thing i've been missing is old school forums-- to the point of having a dream of me starting a site for it. What were the focus? I don't know. It'd make sense for me to just join a forum, but like a vampire, any social situation I must be invited in or I stay in my little nest. I do miss lurking on forums, but ones I used to lurk on don't interest me as much at the moment. I do like the interaction idea, and I do miss connecting to more people. Ah, i'm painfully shy though.

Darting around, but somewhat in line to what I was talking about... I miss ask blogs too. I thought it might be cute to do an OC question section on this site... Would that be cool? I think so. Even if it doesn't gain a lot of traction, I think it'd be fun! Fun for me, and I miss cute things like that. Ah, I want to make a graphic for it... Ah, there's other site work I need to make graphics for... [Like my WIP BlazBlue shrine--]

9:53pm .. .. // 9.7.2022

Busy, busy, busy... I'm tired as i'm writing this, but i'm planning some ways to make my site cuter hehe!!! Anyway, working on Ragna, here's my planning of his hair. I also did a lot of work on 18782 today! There's a new dev log up on my itch.io and tumblr. I don't have much to say! I've been having game brain aha...

10:45pm .. .. // 9.1.2022