Close posting! The forum section of 18782 is done aside from the homepage. Next coding endeavors in 18782 are as follows:

- Re-do the internet home page

- Link to the forum via. that home page

- Make images to represent all the tweets

- Make a timetable to add in tweets, similar to the forums

-Finally, code in tweets.

Again, this is just a small section, but it'll be a lot of work cleared! 'w'9

8:47pm .. .. // 12.28.2021

Finished the main page of the forum for 18782! ^-^

Have to now add a linking directory on each forum page + web main page.

Big hurdle coming to a close!

8:25pm .. .. // 12.28.2021

Things to add to the site:

- Inclusion of Kitkats directory

- Add in links from the OC index to each individual folder directory

- Work on Commission pages-- Including main section linking to each page

7:42pm .. .. // 12.27.2021

Done with 18782 today: Added in each individual forum link

To do w/ forum: - Add in padding links to each individual page

- Add Home link on each forum page

- Add in home page links on main web page

8:30pm .. .. // 12.24.2021

Ah I have 1 more day to fill out for 18782's forum section, then fill ins ^-^ exciting!

5:37pm .. .. // 12.23.2021

8:58pm .. .. // 12.20.2021