Male [He/Him]

24 [ September 28th, XXXX]




♫ " Generations of hardship are not more red than my hard will" ♫

A visual kei singer who has a knack for programming. Originally from Nagoya with only his van and music equiptment to form a band. He currently is the band leader of PARAnoidDROID, along with his roommate, Satoshi, and their mutual friend, Seiichi. He's a very upbeat person who tends to look for the good in every situation and find something exciting even in the most mundane. He also has a strong love of computers and toku things, and often plays a suit actor in live shows for kids in his free time.

Music sounds like: Plastic Tree, Shinjuku Gewalt, Pinokiwo, Metronome



Akira considers Yukio to be one of his absolute best friends! They have very different interests, but Akira admires Yukio's individuality and his devotion to his own band. He also does find Yukio to be kind of cute...


A good friend of Akira's! He met Mars via Satoshi, and remains on close terms with him, seeing him as a role model.