Male [He/Him]

23 [ August 4th,, XXXX]




♫ "Two trucks holding hands; The passion, the passion ; Is more than I can withstand." ♫

Bassist for Yukio’s live band. He tends to do support in Yukio’s plays, much to his annoyance. He wants to be in Nozomu’s place, and is extremely jealous of his position in the band. He has a massive crush on Yukio-- and almost anyone who shows him some kindness. He’s a self proclaimed otaku, spending most of his free time watching anime and playing adult visual novels. He has an interest in strange conspiracies, such as “flat bigfoot”. He’s the least remembered band member.

Music style wise, think of: cali≠gari, Kagerou, Kane to Juusei, Mercuro, La'mule



Eiichi is extremely infatuated with Yukio since the day they met. He gets jealous when Yukio spends more time with Nozomu over him, and just wants to be as close as possible. He gets extremely flustered when Yukio teases him.


Nozomu and Eiichi have a very messy relationship. Nozomu has no baseline issue with Eiichi, but he doesn’t like how he acts. Nozomu thinks he’s very immature for his age, and picks up that most of Eiichi’s issues with him are based on Eiichi’s insecurities with how close Nozomu and Yukio are.


Eiichi knew of Mars’ music before he met him and owned a few of his albums. He was starstruck to meet him, and still gets a little nervous around him.


Eiichi doesn’t know much about Ai, but he has a massive crush on her.


Eiichi sees Momoka near daily because she works at a game store he frequents. He has a massive crush on her.