Name: Eiichi

Non-romanji: 永一

Age: 23

Height: 5'9

Gender: Male [He/Him]

Orientation: Bisexual

Relationship Status: Single

Birthdate: August 4th, XXXX

Species: Human

Occupation: Visual Kei Bassist

Favorite things: Visual novels, Anime, Melon pan

Least favorite things Nozomu, People who don't notice him

♫ "Two trucks holding hands; The passion, the passion ; Is more than I can withstand." ♫

Overview Bio

Bassist for Yukio’s live band. He tends to do support in Yukio’s plays, much to his annoyance. He wants to be in Nozomu’s place, and is extremely jealous of his position in the band. He has a massive crush on Yukio-- and almost anyone who shows him some kindness. He’s a self proclaimed otaku, spending most of his free time watching anime and playing adult visual novels. He has an interest in strange conspiracies, such as “flat bigfoot”. He’s the least remembered band member.

Music style wise, think of: cali≠gari, Kagerou, Kane to Juusei, Mercuro, La'mule


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