Issei is an unfriendly man who prefers to stay by himself. He doesn't tend to form connections easily, and often leaves people who get too invested in him, including lovers. He's very focused on his work and what his family expects from him, never straying from their vision and even lording over a department he originally wanted nothing to do with (Idols). He tends to send his secretary to deal with everyone under him, including bands and big meetings, unless he's forced to go. When he's home, he tends to seclude himself as well, only wanting to be around his cat, Tora.


Issei had an extremely priviledged upbringing, being molded into someone who would never embarrass his family. He attended a private academy, where he met Kaname and Hachi and was pursued by Kaname relentlessly. Years into knowing Kaname, he finally returned his advances, and was soon dumped because Kaname was bored with him. He perfectly fit into his family's plan of overseeing sub labels in their company. Since then, he's help produce multiple bands and idols.


- Has a cat named Tora, who is the only person he feels a genuine unwaivering connection with.

- Lives in his family estate, but often stays away in his room with Tora.

- Does love music and producing, but hates being in the studio with others. He prefers to work on his own.

- Rotates through his secretaries often because he tends to pick people he wants to date, and then dumps them.


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