Name: Issei Hasegawa

Non-romanji: 長谷川 一成

Age: 35

Height: 5'10

Gender: Male [He/Him]

Orientation: Bi

Relationship Status: Single

Birthdate: October 20th, XXXX

Species: Human

Occupation: Music Producer

Favorite things: Cats, Antiques, Spicy food, Maids

Least favorite things Sweets, Cheap things, Family gatherings

♫ " All I ever hear is the same damn thing, Wonder why people say the same damn thing " ♫

Overview Bio

The son of a very wealthy family that owns a large record label. He grew up in the lap of luxury and has fallen in line with everything his family has expected of him, including reigning over a sub-label composed of an idol branch and a visual kei branch. He's a cold man who doesn't know how to live his life away from his family's expectations.


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