Kaname and Issei were friends in high school. Issei was pursued by Kaname, who wanted him as both a friend and a boyfriend. He often forced Issei to participate in his schemes, including getting on school council. The second Issei finally reciprocated and fell in love with him, Kaname abandoned him. The two lost contact for over a decade, until Kaname came knocking on his door, asking for Ai to get signed to his label, blackmail in hand. Even now, Issei has mixed feelings towards him, but tends to be very annoyed when he comes his way.


Issei met Kazuki after Ai was signed to his label. He hasn't had so many interactions with him, but he does find him attractive. However, he knows Kaname and Kazuki have some strange relationship, and knows the fact Kaname would pull strings for him is a bad sign.


Issei is Megumi's boss. He barely knows her, and doesn't like dealing with her when he comes across her.


Issei and Chika used to date... For about a month. They both were never really in love with each other, and still remain friends. Chika uses his connections to meet people, and he genuinely doesn't care unless it interferes with his work.


Yukio is a person under Issei's label. He gets nervous arounds Yukio, unsure how to take him. He does think he's very talented, however.


Ai is another person under Issei's label. He doesn't know her so well, but is nicer to her than most due to her connections with Kazuki and Kaname. He's unsure how much Ai knows about Kazuki and Kaname's dealings and how she got signed.






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