Female [She/Her]

23 [ May 2nd, XXXX]




♫ "Whisper your siren's song, To every girl who comes along " ♫

A visual kei singer and guitarist who doesn’t ever want fame. She joins bands almost as soon as she joins them, but currently she’s in one called DISAPPEARER. She’s traveled around her whole life, and gets anxious being in one place for long. She’s very cool and quiet externally, and tends to only talk a lot around people she’s close to.

Music sounds like: Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Plastic Tree, deadman, POiSON GiRL FRiEND



Misaki and Nozomu are close friends, having almost a sibling or cousin vibe. Misaki finds Nozomu to be one of the few people who she can have a deep conversation with. She often goes out drinking with him, swapping stories of how their bands are doing.


Misaki met Ai from playing shows with her. She finds Ai to be extremely adorable and is interested in her. She doesn’t know a ton about her yet, but she’s seeing how things pan out.