Kazuki Shinohara

Male [He/Him]

31 [ November 7th, XXXX]



Tattoo artist

♫ "Blood red lips, they shake like leaves, You're flesh and blood, but what's underneath?" ♫

A tattoo artist who’s involved in some shady business after helping kickstart his little sister’s idol career. Aside from his father and sister, he has no care in other people and doesn’t have much qualms about “taking out” people as work. He’s very focused into his art, and likes experimenting on skin swatches… He also is obsessed with 80s female idols.



Ai is Kazuki’s little sister! He took on a mother-like role due to their mother’s passing and their father supporting them. He cares deeply for her, and wants her to have the best life possible, at any cost to himself.


Kaname and Kazuki have a strange relationship. Kazuki became entangled with Kaname after messing with the wrong people, but Kaname kept him alive. He doesn’t trust Kaname fully, nor understand his intentions, but knows he gets work done. He does wish he’d stop interfering with his family though…