Male [He/Him]

?? [ February 13th, XXXX]]



Vocalist, Pianist, Violinist

♫ "In elegance far too dazzling and bright " ♫

A long time visual kei vocalist. He started his career off in the 90s in a band called Club De L’Enfer, and transitioned into becoming a solo artist with a live band. He’s seen a lot of success, but has stayed away from the spotlight in recent years, finally becoming more open once he met his live guitarist, Masato. His public exterior is cold and stoic, but in actuality, he’s incredibly warm and paternal.

Music style wise, think of: Malice Mizer [Especially Tetsu-era], Lareine, Luci'fer Luscious Violenoue, Raphael



Mars considers Yukio to be his adopted son, and if he could would legally adopt him as an adult. He adores Yukio and is always looking out for him and trying to give him a happy parental relationship. He likes trying to do “traditional” father-son bonding with him, like baseball. He often brings Yukio home to his parents too, and they accept him as their grandchild.

Nozomu and Eiichi

Mars doesn’t know much about Eiichi and Nozomu aside from brief chats when performing together. He likes them both, and likes their dedication to Yukio.