Female [She/Her]

19 [ May 2nd, XXXX]


Bi [Heavy preference for women]

Game store clerk

♫ "”I want to ruin our friendship, We should be lovers instead" ♫

A normal girl who works at a game store. She used to be a yanki and in a gang, but turned her life around. She doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life, but she’s already sick of dealing with gamer guys. She often looks very tired, especially due to her job, and isn’t super sociable. At her core, she’s incredibly loyal to people and protects those she loves.



Momoka is childhood friends with Ai. She has a crush on her, and has had once since they met. She’s very protective of Ai, knowing the extent of her medical issues. She likes going shopping and playing games with Ai.


Momoka isn’t very close to Kazuki, but knows he cares deeply for Ai and the two of them have a respect for each other. Momoka does suspect something is off about him though…


Momoka despises Eiichi. She’s incredibly annoyed by him every time he comes into her store and views him as some nerdy otaku.