Momoka has a very hard exterior to crack. She comes across a bit cold or uncaring to strangers, especially because she tends to always have an angry or bored expression on her face. Underneath that veneer, she’s incredibly passionate about the people who are in her life. She has a very strong sense of justice, which made her the perfect recruit for a certain sukeban gang. She tends to act more tough and confident than she is, especially around people she finds cute.


Momoka grew up with two very busy parents, often leaving her to her own devices. From a young age, she kept herself mainly occupied by the internet and gaming, even opting for both of those over her friends at a certain point. Her life made a rough pivot in middle school, where she ended up becoming a yankii and falling into a gang of delinquents. She often resorted to petty theft and vandalism, often as a way to get out her brewing anger. However, another pivot was to occur as everyone but herself got expelled from school.

Momoka found herself alone, given that her friends weren't to be in school for two weeks. She had gotten a quite dangerous reputation, leading to people fearful not only to mess with her, but even be around her. However, this was about to change as she met another girl who had transferred in; Ai. Momoka was instantly taken by the demure girl, especially since she had no knowledge of her past. Momoka made quick friends with her, bonding over similar likes in fashion and idols.

The honeymoon period didn't last long as Momoka's delinquent friends came back. Momoka felt nervous to be seen with Ai, but frequently stepped in if anyone in her gang mentioned her in any derogatory fashion. It was around this time Momoka had a good, hard, look at what she was doing-- to her family, to her future. She decided to call it quits in the gang, opting for more time with Ai. The two frequently began hanging out outside of school together, playing games, watching music videos, and window shopping. Momoka eventually confided in Ai her plans to transition, which Ai immediately took as an opportunity to find her some new casual clothes. Momoka ended up taking a derivative of a nickname given to her by Ai previously as her name. As Momoka felt more confident in herself and continued to improve academically, Ai's budding idol career was taking off.

Right before graduation, Ai was in the hospital again for a few weeks. Momoka constantly visited her, but felt the lack of her presence elsewhere. One day after school, she met Hanako. The two of them became friends, and eventually, Momoka fell into a new gang. At first she was trepidacious, especially with her past experiences, but once she found out she'd be doing vigilante justice instead of petty crime, she accepted. She made a whole new group of friends from this.

Ai and her kept in touch after graduation. Their schedules got busier and busier, Ai gaining popularity in her solo career, and Momoka, getting a job at a game store and still busily hanging out with her sukeban gang.


- Likes dressing in Kogal fashion

- Dyed her hair pink because of Chihiro from Kissy Kissy Purr Purr

- She smokes, but has been trying to quit and has slowed down a lot.


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