Naoto has a very dreamy view on life. He has confidence that he can do anything with a "fake-it-till-you-make-it" attitude. His goal in life is to live a nice, cushy life and have a cute husband. He's very interested in fashion, and likes playing dress-up with anyone who allows him to do so. He does have a habit of lying to get things he wants-- like his current job.


Naoto grew up close to the city and met Aito during his school days. After school, he tried to work with Aito at his host club, but ended up getting fired there. He faked his resume and got a job at the company Morioka is the head of, under Ayako-- who didn't ask for that. Naoto lives with a room mate and is looking for "the one". He works under Ayako and tends to write on forums for her.


- Got his Hello Kitty Toaster stolen by Minami before.

- Doesn't mind reading out comments/commenting for Ayako. He knows its less work than he would be doing elsewhere for more pay, plus he finds the drama of it funny, even if he has no personal stakes in it.

- Doesnt like wearing too many dark/dull colors, it makes him sad.

- His ideal man is like a stay-at-home husband who he can dress up.