Name: Nozomu

Non-romanji: 希夢

Age: 24

Height: 5'11

Gender: Male [He/Him]

Orientation: Bisexual

Relationship Status: Single

Birthdate: June 15th, XXXX

Species: Human

Occupation: Visual Kei Guitarist

Favorite things: Photgraphy, Communism, Noise music

Least favorite things Capitalism, Crowded spaces

♫ "On this straightforward rainy day, my surroundings are trying to tell me something. That, "Giving up on yourself is the most unforgivable thing." ♫

Overview Bio

Guitarist for Yukio’s live band and usually his leading man in his stage plays. Before Yukio, he lied to his parents about attending law school, but actually went to beauty school, where he flunked out. He didn’t plan to be a guitarist, intending it only to be a hobby, but ended up in Yukio’s band anyway. He tends to spend most of his free time reading and pirating movies and music. He comes across as very stoic, but has a lot of inside panic, especially around the weird things caused by Yukio.

Music style wise, think of: cali≠gari, Kagerou, Kane to Juusei, Mercuro, La'mule


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