Yukio considers Nozomu his right hand man. He constantly goes to see him, and asks his opinion when he’s making a new song. He is incredibly attached to Nozomu, and often is trying to bring him to fan events. He often places Nozomu in romantic roles in his plays.


Yukio’s bassist. Yukio has a strange relationship with him, he often doesn’t include him as much as Nozomu in things, nor goes to see him as much. He tends to tease Eiichi everytime he sees him, especially about his interest in anime and visual novels. He does care about Eiichi, and knows that's the best way to express it to him specifically.


Yukio considers Mars a dad figure! He goes as far to call him “Dad” and likes spending time with him. He doesn’t quite understand all of Mars’ “father-son” bonding activities, such as baseball, but enjoys being with him nonetheless. He trusts Mars and is the only person to tell Mars he hates his cooking.


Yukio considers Ai one of his best friends! He met her at a photoshoot, and they’ve been close ever since. He tends to go shopping with her, and she’s one of the few people who knows how to tease him back and get him slightly flustered. He tries his best to look out for her, especially because she’s honest with the fans she dislikes with him.


Akira is one of Yukio's best friends! He finds him very attractive and cool. He likes collabing with him and going over to his apartment to watch anime and tokusatsu with him, even though he himself doesn't have a big interest in it.


Yukio likes Seiichi, but doesn't quite understand Seiichi's hatred of him...


Yukio likes Satoshi!! He finds it easier to talk to him than Seiichi, but still isn't close with him.


Yukio knows Minami in passing. He has no issues with Minami, and doesn't understand Minami wants to use him to social climb.


Yukio only knows Kazuki in passing. He thinks hes strange and confused about how he's Ai's brother.


Yukio only knows Kaede in passing!! He thinks shes hot.


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