I woke up the nexxt day at 7pm. Thats right cauze im a goth and a vMpire i donf abe to wake up in the morning like pksers and lreps. I strwcnhed and checked my aol account for my purchase orders. Fucking shoes. I closed out and went on my goth forums. I forgot nerho was there until they startex talking.

“What time is it” they asked, i couldnt see them tho because my computer ,light didnt strech thst far.

“its 7pm cant you fucking tell time” i flirted back. I tapped away as i heard them fall in the background. I ignored it because i know they were just trying to get my attention and i wanted to play coy to their advances. I hear dthem moan which its like ugh get a grip im not thst desperse.

“Where’s the door” they moaned even more like who are you.

“its by the stares” i replied.

“Wheres the fucking stiars” he said, getting slightly agrresive like calm down.

“OH MY GOD you fucking poser cant you see in the dakr” i got annoyed, turning to him. I also just found out my new shoes arent coming till friday. He made an annoyed soung but found his way out.

I proceeded to check my goth forums where some bitch ws posting about britney spears. A fucking poser ive told the mods to ban her but they wont becajse shes not breaking any rules.

“U fucking poser bitch britney isnt goth u fucking pkser get out of here i hope you fucking suffocste” i wrote to disuade her from posting more britney shit. I was fired up so i went outside.

I fucking hate leavinv my basement becausw there are so many fucking peps. I walk outsid and see 2 fucking preps makeing out really grossly right outside.


They stared at me and didnt get the memo.

“I’ll sacrifice u and tear offmyour arms and drink your blod im a vMpirw!!!!! ” i screamed more. They walked away finally and i got some oeace. For now. But soon more bullfuckingshit cam emy way.