My anger made me fucking sleepy so i went bac to bed but woke up like 10 minutes later. The mods got back 2 me

“Dear obsidian, please stop asking us to ban sexxxlessxdemons because she has not broken any rules. We suggest you look over them again, as this is the 4th time this week and it’s only tuesday. Best reguards.”

UGH WHAT A BUNCH OF FUXKINGMLOOSER PREPS. Bet theyre off making out with looshin or something in his weird fucking sex house where all he does is let preps makeout with him. None of them even kno who fucking Morriss.ey is i bet. I decided to cool off and noticed i got some notes on my cool text post and even more on my poetry. Fucking suck it.

I decided to take matters intomky own hand and go directly to sexxxlessdemons. I found their tumblr blog which seemed sort of goth but a lot of it was half naked selfies like ugh get a fucking grip. I noticednhow many preps liked her shit like fuck off even more. I made sure to go to her askbox and hit anon

“u fuxking poser prep bitch name 4 cure songs and fuxking prove urself u fucking prep” Good I felt cleansed like in those rituals and shit. I felt like i was the protag in a revenge film and herei was, succeeding over this fucking demonic bitch. I did scroll through her blog some more, noticing more britney, she fucking has a twin too who i bet is just as much of a dick. I went to his blog too, scrolled through, sent some hate mail

“fucker ur a fake fucking goth ppl only oike u cause u only post lewd shit and talk about sex u fucing prpe”

Good. I felt even better. I scrolled through some quality blogs next as a full cleanse. Namely, my blog. I smiled, knowing if nothing else i was helpjng less fortunate goths out, learning how to be a true goth. I put on some hardcore goth music like su.spira and shit, fuckin pissed lucien shared the lead singers name like i bet he fucking changed it tot that fucking poser. I debated gojng out again tonight, it was sitll early and clubs were open. I wondered if i could meet some other hot tru goths, but also thought about loociern. Fuck him!!! I wasnt gonna let him fucking stop me im gonna have a fun time!!!

I changed my shoes to my party goth shoes, big fuzzy greenish yellow goth boots. I loved them and i knewi looked hot. I paraded out, nesrly tripping on ypthst fucking picture of fucking britney spears that i tore up because fuck her im not gonna be looking at a fucking pep!!! I then decided to make it even more hardcore and burned the shreds of the pictute too. I went out, no poser preps were out there. Life is looking up and in the direction of true goths.