I strutted to the club. Some stupid prep onlookers were talking by me (an: i dnt know what they were saying but they were close n looked @ me) and i shouted “fuCKING PREPS DONT U HAVE A KATY PERPRY CONCERT GO AWAY”. That shut THEM up.

I made itmto the club n got in n showed my id becauxe im an adult and mature. Fuckers. There were a lot of people and they were playing some good stuff like the cure. There soem person who kinda looked like robert smith i saw dancing n contemplated going up to thdm. They got lost dancing so its whatever their fucking loss for not noticing me. I went 2 the side n silently judged false goths here who were grinding and laughing. I went up t them

“fucking prepsmthis is a fucking goth club!!! Get out!!”

I couldnt hear over fascination street but they said something and walked away. Least those fucking prepsmwere out of my eyeshot. I wasnt getitng kicked out again so i didn't pursue them.

I noticed nero was there again n so i went over. I went up to them n flirted by putting my hand above them on the wall and said “didnt think id see ur face again”

“Well i’m here, what are you going to do about it?” they growled it was kinda hot.

“Well its cool to see you after before”

“Buy some lights”

“Get used to it” i played hard to get.

They looked away and stared vacantly.

“im a fucking vampire dont u find that hot”

“Join the club you’re not the only one”

“OH MY GOD--TH!! Youre a vampire???!!!!” i said in shock.


“Thats like kinda hot like a weird vampiric rozz williams but like when his hair was red with like Darrcus Karta.”

“Yeah sure” he wss that stereotypical distant goth feeling which is kinda hot. Like those vampire movies and shit.

“So like do u rave” i flirted

“Sometimes I dance”

“Do you like mosh”


“What are u doing tonivht”

“Probably not you if you kick me out of your fucking coffin again” they said in a cold way.

“I won’t” I lied.

They were quiet again, slowly swaying to the beat like in movies and shit. Dancing but not.

“Do you kno Lucien” I tested their faith

“Like….Matttthew Carl Luciean?” they said, confused but it was ok because I knew they were pure.

“You passed the tru goth test. Youre not a fucking poser”

“Uh….? Ok?” they said, not being impressed. Which was good because it cementdd them as more goth cause tru goths font express joy at all if ever. We stood in silejce for a while before they said it was ok to go back to my basement.