As i walked nero home to my lair some preps stared at us n i gave them the middld thinger and yelled n proceeded to make out w thdm. Thenpreps walked faster away cause i scared them off w how vampric and goth i am. Nero was quiet they didnt say much it was ok. The strong and silent type is fine because they don’t really care what i do. I got them dosn to my dwelling where they foolishly looked for lights.

I made my way ocer to my computer to look at the blogs i destroyed with my words of wisdom. “aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa thats the sound of vore”. Classy, sexxxlessdemons.

“maybe stop masteabatingmpto my pics? I have a boyfriend” her brother isnt much better.

Nero was stumbling in the background as i checked my social media and happily typed “time 2 be with a hot vampire be fucking,sjjealous fuckers”

Nero sat in my coffin their legs swinging out kf it in some u comfy pose but it was attractive. I crawled ontop of them n made out n ohr fangs touched.

“Do unhave 2 sets of fangs” they asked holding onto my neck

“fuck yeha i do” i sad showing them

“u got ur teel filed”

“u fucking ooser i was born this way u fuckeifng poser prep”

“i dont know if this is gonna work” nero said leaning away

“look im sorry ur just not as goth as i am and dont have cool teeth”

“whatever” their lack if caring was hot.

I sensed the tension as they let go and sat up more and seemed a little too disinterested

“im gonna put on some hot music like sissters of mercy”

“ok” they said.

I did so and made sure to play something jammy, this corrosion. They were quiet but they got into it when it hit the chorus becaus eyou cant not fucking sing along to that

“so what were you looking at anyway” they said pointing to my computer

“uGH im plagued by fucking preps!!!! ”

“oh. Is that tumblr”

“”,uh fuck yeah i mean i have all social media especially goth ones???? I block every prep and poser i see though“

“ill follow you” they said, tapping away at their phone. They smiled for like a nanosecond which was acceptable for a goth. I saw a notification from them.

“good im finally happy to know a real goth in this shity city” i flirted even more. They didnt respond.

We silently listened to some music fkr a while then we made out while listeneing to more music. It was really hot and shit but i kicked them out of my coffin again which they didnt seem too happy with but they slept next to it and dint leave so.