By the time the next day rolled around it was 4am n it was still dark out. Nero was gathering their clothes n i was changinf. I put onmy seethrough fishnet croptop and w belts and nice cyberogth detachable sleeves and latex shorts with gradient green tights and kneehigh boots. I looked hot snd made sure to touch up my cool makeup and i darked my eyeshacow.

“I’m going home” they muttered

“So like where do you live?” i asked, in a depressed tone.

“Does it concern you?” tney flirted.

“Maybe. Probabky not your house probably fucking sucks and has mildew and broken floor and shit its prohably fucking awful” i flritd bakc.

“Ok. Yeah. This was fun. See you whenever” they walked out, nearly tripping. I wasn done just yet though.

I waited a minute and then followed them because i wanted to know why theywre so mysterious about their hluse. Like maybe theh were rich and were looking for a hot datemate 2 fuck. They got a good length ahead and i follow3d.

I was dissapointed cause i had to not break up a nasty prep couple out for a jog and holding hands with pecks on the cheek which is TOTALLY FUCKUNG GROSS!!!!!!!!! NPUgh ppl wjo kiss are disgusting go away you fu king preps go to your fuckingmtennisgolf tornaments with rihhanna and adeelele and justin timberloomp. Ugh disgusting.

Anyway they were pretty normal and it took fuxking foreber lkke god no wonder their legs are flexible and shit (an: i realize it could b causs their a vampire buT ITS MY STORY). Anyway i felt i was almsot there but then...fucking antiantichrist shows up!!!!!

“Harold youre out lats” loochin said in his stupid ass tone whovering over me like a fuckign alien like wW GET IT YOURE TALL!!!

“Fuxk off u prpe”

“Harold are you following someone” he said in his happy preppy screetchy frenhc voice

“Uh no but u r u poser staking oreo,?” i called him the fuck out

“im out fkr a nice night stroll”

“fucker” i hissed, warding him away. He dkdnt ge tthe memo

“h*******d u can always join me” he said, almost mocking me

“go fuck the preppy king of france u goth poser!!!!!!” i yelled, flailing my arms in anger.

And then we gkt intk a huge fight like with vampire claws and blood was everythwere but i won and he ran off because im the better and stronger goth. I lost where the fuck nero went but i won again st luuciee s.