I went back to my house and wrote some poetry before bed

“I am the second coming...goth messiah...against all who infiltrate pure goths….i am the one to lead to salvation, tears of blood and doom streaming, i am here”.

I posted it and went to bed. I woke up n i saw a msg!!!

“I wasnt flirtinv w u. I saw ur posts” it was nero playint hard to get again

“ya k wasnt flirting either” 2 can play thisgame.

They didnt respond but i opened my coffin 2 check my msgs. I fell immeiatly as i got up, WHAT THE FUCK.

Britney spears was all over my floor. The fax machine kept filing out pics of the lecherous prep. I tried to stop it but pictures kept coming snd my shoes werent fully broken in so i tripped again. I gathered them up and put them in the garbage to burn later and lut a garbage can in front of my fax machine so theyd keep piling up.

“I feel despair wash over me...the waves of sorrow are heavy as the burdens on my shoulders. A night of pleasure, a night of pain, endless suffering”. And post. My folloosers are gonna eat that up as they see the skill of a true goth poet. I should try and be cool like marry shelly snd sleep w nero in a graveyard make sure theyre tru goth and shit. Too bad my moms not dead so cant do it like she really did. Bummer.

I browsed my sites n goth forum.

“so uhhhh any1 like Ke$ha” fUCK OFFF!!!!!FUCK OFFF FUCKF OFF!!! I clicked on the thread and reporte dit immediatly. Fuck!!!! U n ur shitty music taste u prep infiltrator. I decided to 5hen play a fps where i encounters not only prpe.s…...but shitty fuckign jock preps!!!

“uhhh what are u wearing” some fucking jock prep muttered to me like a bitxh.

“im wearing my ightnup extensions and my see through fishnet croptop with my long black and green gloves and matching stockings and latex shorts and huge boots” i roared. What did my fucking clofhing have tk do w this

“do you uhh video chat”

Later some like fucking prep-in-training told me “you suck” (an: which i fucking dont go ask nero u fucks) so i hacked his account and changed his passwoed and username and everything because he didnt have a bankcard or anthing but fuck him anyway!!!!! Fucki g preps.

“r u clubbing 2nite” i texted nero.

They didnt reply so i wrote again “u were gettin stalked by lcueins”

“who the fuck is lucien” oh man time 2 go off

LUCIEn, aka the fucking santianic anti santanjc antiantichrist DEMONPONT. Calls himself a fucking marquismprob cause he slept w so e ladyn she was like “oh now ur the marwuis” a fuxking vmaprie fuckwad who is a prep in goth lothing!!!! Fuxking runs this sex club where literlalh all they do is makeout n be nasty w anyone even preps!!!! i was miSLEAD ONCE N ALMOST SLEPT W HIM BUT THEN I FOUND OUBEFORE IT WAS TOO LATE!!! Now hes my mortal enemy fucker because hes AGAISNT ALL I STAND FOR (tru goths) Ive seen luciem up on some dude who mightbe been a vampire vut looked preppy w a nice suit making n n shit and he was NOT!!!! A GOTH!!! He was tall and i didnt want an unfair fight (an: I COULDVE TAKEN HIM TOO I COULDVE FOGUHT THEM BOTH I WAS TIRED AFTER RAVING N BEATING UP PREPS!!!). ANYWYA. He likes fuck8ng finding me n trying 2 flirt likemhes some goth but hes a filty fucking poser who doesnt even know who joy division is an likes fucking emo music n cals it goth like a fucker!!!!!!!!! SADLY he misleads many possible tru goths under his nasty faker spell because hes “”””tallll”””” and has “””hips”””’ and likes being gross and is always kissing ppl and never stops being ontop of ppl i fuxking hate him hes trash!!!!!!!!!

I sent all of that and laid down to take a break cause he akes me pissed as fuck thst he even exists. I sat up n threw a dart at my cool xustom dartboarx where his face is tapped to the board because i fucking hste him and want him dead!!!! (An: the only reason y i dont do it is i dont want to go 2 vamp jail)

“oh. Ok.” nero replied

“i fucking hate him!!!!!!! Dont go near him!!!” i depressedly wrote back.

“K. Thnks fkr the headsup“ he texted hotly. what a pal