The Harold Saga is a text-based writing project originally started as an inside-joke.

It was originally supposed to be a one-chapter joke off of My Immortal, but I ended up liking it so much, that now we're stuck with around 100 chapters of it.

The story centers around a vampire named Harold who hates posers and preps and calls themself the authority of goth. A big inspiration of it, aside from My Immortal, was how funny the goth scene elitism can be. This is all satire, none of this is personal opinion on the goth scene/any living or dead people, ectect.

Nothing is spellchecked and I don't allow rewriting when typing it, hence why it's written like this. The series was originally written in about 2017? Some things have been slightly altered.

General warnings that it has a ton of swearing, stupid violence, and brief mentions of NSFW [not in depth]