Akira is a very upbeat man. He's always rushing around to do things and working on projects. He loves making people smile and his number one goal is to make his family proud. He's incredibly chatty, almost to a fault, and will go on about anything at a moments notice. He's extremely driven for his goals and making his dreams a reality. He's optimistic, and even if he shoots too far, he's happy to make any progress, no matter how small. He tends to tire himself out because he's always doing something and doesn't spare a lot of time for sleep.


Akira grew up in a normal household, coming originally from Nagoya. He's always been very close to his family, both his intermediate family and his extended family. He knew from a young age he wanted to be a musician, and worked hard from middle-school on to start bands, even if they didn't go anywhere. He moved to Tokyo in his early 20s and got a job at a karaoke bar, living out of his van for a while. He met Satoshi at his job, and the two hit it off and ended up forming PARAnoidDROID with him and Seiichi.


- Build his band's webpage

- He has a cat he named Mr. Stinky Goblin Man 3000.

- Good at fishing! He grew up doing it often.

- His diet is mainly booze and convient store food; He doesn't like spending time cooking.

- LOVES building mechas!! He has a bunch. He also is very good at making custom PCs.


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