Ayako is a very serious woman who puts her job before anything else. She hates being interrupted in her work, and tends to get irritated rather quickly. She has a bad temper and has a hard time keeping herself contained, even in buisness meetings. She likes being alone the most, both at home and at work. She's incredibly smart and capable, which makes up for her people skills in terms of her job. She only lets her guard down and melts over fictional characters.


Ayako had a normal upbringing. She worked her way up to her current position through normal means. Recently, she got Naoto hired as her assistant.


- Met Kaede on message boards. Tends to get into arguments with her and others.

- Likes cleaning because it relaxes her.

- Has "date nights" with her Chihiro plushie.

- Secretly collects Kissy Kissy Purr Purr doujins.


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