Hachi is a very annoying guy. He has no concept of personal space and doesn't care either. He likes to see how far he can push people and still going. He tends to look out for himself and his own personal joy, which usually ends up bothering others. He lies about everything involving himself. He tends to pretend to be an 'innocent catboy who doesn't know better uwu'. He gets bored easily and will cause more trouble.


Hachi grew up as the son of a CEO. He always had an affinity for cats and never wanted to join the family buisness. His parents supported his strange behavior, hoping he'd grow out of it. After highschool and a few college courses, he ran away from home and hasn't looked back.


- Sharpens his nails to a point

- Got microchipped by Kaname.

- Makes enemies everywhere he goes xoxo

- Likes drinking soup from wineglasses.

- Has begun leaving clothes at Kaname's house. Kaname doesn't mind.


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