Kazuki is a very withdrawn person. He comes across very cold, and in fact, isn't fond of anyone who isn't his dad or little sister. He hates being around people, even clients, for extended periods. He deals with clients as long as they don't talk to him. He often is rude, not answering people unless he deems it nessisary. He doesn't have much care for human life other than his family, not even really caring about the risks he puts himself in.


Kazuki grew up for a good portion of his life in a very loving and doting family. He was always withdrawn and prefered the arts to dealing with people outside of his parents. At 11, he got the news of having a sibling and was excited over it, until his mother passed away in childbirth. He made it a point to help his father as much as he could, both through the loss and through having to care for Ai from a young age, becoming a second parental figure to her. He graduated from school with decent grades, seeking to get lisences for tattoo and piercing work straight away.

Once he realized Ai wanted to become an idol, he turned to borrowing money from less-than-reputable people. He got entwined with crime, and due to his inability to pay, he wound up being a target for the Yakuza. He was able to avoid them, taking out people who came to shake him down, until a fateful meeting with Kenichi. Kenichi left him to die, not having the heart to kill a man, and causing him to be found and rushed to the hospital. There, he met a man who clung onto him like a leech, Doctor Kaname. Kaname told Kazuki he'd help him, adding uncertain terms to the deal. Kazuki barely agreed, but Kaname followed through, making his debt go away. However, Kaname began worming into his life, including taking over care of his sister, Ai, and holding it above his head.


- Showa idols are his favorite, but he keeps up with new ones.

- ALWAYS has idol music playing in his shop. He gets mad when people ask to turn it off.

- He lives above his shop. It's in a very bad section of town.

- Murdered people before getting into debt, but it was usually people who he knew people wouldn't investigate as readily.

- He's a very good cook! His favorite food and thing to make is pork buns.

- His favorite nightly routine is making dinner, sitting down with booze and cigarettes and watching idol lives until he passes out.

- He makes a lot of money from his criminal buisness, but puts most of it in savings for Ai and his dad.


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