Mars has two very distinct personas-- his stage persona and his real self. His stage persona is very postured, the epitomie of a gothic-romance-novel vampiric love interest. His fangs are usually barred and he's distant and cold, definitely having an elegance to him. His actual personality is the exact opposite of that. He's very sweet and takes a very paternal approach to most people. He loves taking care of people and cooking for them. He's very nervous with fans and generally people who don't know, but once he gets close he's very friendly.


Mars grew up in an upper-middle class family. His parents both had music-related careers, and he was raised learning to play the piano. He had a normal childhood, having good grades and engaging in sports alongside music. In his later teenage years, he got into goth-rock and punk, which lead him into the visual kei scene. He debuted on the scene after graduating high school in the early 90s, with a band called L'Enfer Club. That band was sucessful, but they broke up in the mid-late 90s on amicable terms. Mars went into being a solo artist soon after that.

Mars kept having sucessful releases until the early 2000s. After a show, Mars talked with a fan who got a free backstage pass. It was going normally, until the fan bit him on the neck. Mars immediatly sought medical attention, but at that point there was nothing noticeably wrong except a bite on the neck. After that, he developed strange symptoms and became withdrawn. He finished up his tour and decided to hide out away from prying eyes, even friends and family. He realized he became a vampire.

After that, his releases and tourings became sparse, barely happening. A couple of years before the main story, he met Masato who helped get him out of his rut. He didn't go back to his pre-fan event self, but he got gears turning again. Recently, he's met Satoshi, who also helped get him back to his former self.


- He mainly is a vocalist, but also plays guitar, piano and violin.

- Speaks quietly in his personal life and in interviews.

- He can't cook for shit, especially because he can't taste food, but he LOVES making food for people he loves, especially Masato, Yukio and Satoshi.

- Gets his blood from Pieter. He hates the idea of drinking blood directly from someone.

- LOVES trashy reality TV, especially things like The Bachelor.

- VERY protective of young bandmen and trying to make sure they're not getting into scandals.

- His favorite scents are flower-y, especially rose scents. He burns candles often.


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