Minami outwardly is very sweet and personable-- coming across very flirty and friendly both at his maid job and his band gigs. However, he only cares about upholding the facade, not actually being that way, often becoming snappy and rude when people don't play along with him. He doesn't tend to get close to people beyond a surface level, especially due to his jealous personality.


Minami didn't have a very noteable upbringing. He became a maid first, and transitioned into doing music on the side.


- Will get mad when clients of his choose other maids or if he sees a fan at one of his shows in another band's shirt.

- He's been rivals with Seiichi since they met. Their personalities majorly clash and they're always at each other's throats.

- Likes Sanrio merch, his fav is Hello Kitty.

- Actually the number one earner at his cafe.


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