Misaki is a quiet girl who pretends to observe rather than talk. She spends the majority of her time alone, only meeting up with her band to discuss music or meet up with Nozomu for drinks. She's not shy by any means, she's just very introverted and finds being around people for extended periods very tiring. When she does make a point to talk, she tends to be very calm and cool, rarely ever showing anger, but rarely ever beaming with joy either. She mutes a lot of her emotions on the outside. She tends to be very flightly, ready to get up and leave wherever she is without notice.


Misaki grew up often moving around with different relatives, never having one permanent place to live. Due to this being her circumstance for a young age, she developed a nervousness being in one place for long. After graduating school, she lived in England for a few months, getting into bands over there before coming back to Japan. She's been in several bands since she's been back.


- Has been with her current band, DISAPPEARER, for the longest time. Which, is to say a few months more than her average.

- Currently lives in Chibia.

- Her favorite band is Sonic Youth! Hence where she got her band name from!

- Has a big doll collection.

- Prefers to stay in more underground circuts. Hates the idea of getting famous.

- Gets a lot of gifts from fans-- especially girls.


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