A fiery and hot-headed man. He is always on the defensive when it comes to himself and his interests, likely to get into a fight he certainly will loose. He's very cocky and motivated by spite to do his best. Once he dislikes someone, it's forever. He's incredibly competitive, even when he's the only one competing. He'll see any small infraction as a personal attack against himself. However, just as easily as he writes someone off, he just as easily falls in love. He tends to fall very quick in love and stick to it, even if people don't meet him with the same fevor. Once he finds someone he likes, he tends to work incredibly hard to impress them, usually falling very short.


Eiichi was born in Yokohama to a fairly normal family. He grew up very average, taking up bass in high school but never getting into any bands. At 18, he moved out to Tokyo with big dreams... but at first only landed a job at a Build-A-Bear. There, he worked up to getting fired due to scaring children with strange conspiracy theories involving Build-A-Bear. A couple of weeks after getting fired, he ran into a flyer advertising an open position for a band. He jumped on it, and since then has been playing for Yukio.


- Loves visual novels, especially dating sims. He's never had real dating experience.

- Has an interest in conspiracy theories, but it's mainly innocuous ones (ie not like flat earth shit, but more like flat bigfoot)

- Goes on forums a lot and gets into fights

- Every inch of his apartment is covered in anime/manga/video game merch

- Can't really cook, buys a lot of pre-made meals.

- Owns a dakimura of Yukio. Yukio is aware of this.


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