Kaede is a very chill woman. She tends to take things easy and only tends to urgency in the last hours. She tends to stay at home most days working on art and gaming, however she tends to be close to the due-date on everything she does. She looses track of time easily, and tends to have meals extremely late in the day, especially since she's messed up her own sleep schedule. She tends to spend a lot of time talking to people online and over voice calls.


Kaede had a normal, middle-class upbringing. She was interested in art from a young age and joined online communities quite young. She's built up a decent following since her start. She currently makes most of her money doing Skeb commissions.


- Met Ayako via boards. She has a crush on her, despite their constant bickering.

- She gets reckless with money, namely with merch of things she's into.

- Likes cooking a lot, but due to getting wrapped up in video games frequently, doesn't cook every night of the week.

- Goes to visual kei lives occasionally. It's not a super big interest of hers, but she does get inspiration from them. She usually does drawings after them.


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