Nozomu is an unsociable man, not liking to speak too much. He has no problem doing so, instead just prefering to save his energy and put it elsewhere. He has no wishes for fame despite being in a very successful band, instead prefering to play the gig and go home or go to a hotel room. He's very focused on his job and the responsibilities with it. He tends to come across a lot colder than he is to fans due to his seeming lack of interest in placating the fanbase sans for when Yukio forces him too. He's incredibly nervous with supernatural things, and that just leads more to him wanting to be left alone.


Nozomu had a pretty normal upbringing in a slightly-higher-than-middle class family. He moved to Tokyo for college, telling his parents he was going to buisness school, but in actuality, being accepted to beauty school. He went through several years of it, and got into a relationship with a girl attending a lot of his same classes. He ended up flunking in his final year after being dumped. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, he struggled with having to eventually tell his parents that he never went to buisness school. However, on the day he planned to tell them, he found a flyer for band auditions. Taking a leap and delaying what he percieved as inevitable anyway, he applied, and suprisingly landed the gig. Since then, he's been by Yukio's side


- Tends to sleep in a bed with Yukio on tour.

- Likes doing others hair still.

- Doesn't know how Yukio keeps appearing in his house and is afraid to find out.

- Pirates a lot of things

- His room is minimalistic and mainly black/white/gray.

- Has an older sister who works in buisness.


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