Satoshi has a very rough exterior. He comes across like a sterotypical delinquent, even talking in a rough manner. He seems like the type who'd be able to rough other people up in an instant. However, he does warm up decently fast, and has a very warm side to him. He's very paternal, liking to treat his friends to meals and spend long amounts of time with them just hanging out. In an even deeper layer, he has a very romantic side to him and tends to get flustered very easily.


Satoshi grew up in a normal family home. He had a love of rock from a young age and looked up to Mars. He never did well in school, more or less not wanting to put in too much effort because he knew he wanted to be a musician. He grew up knowing Seiichi since middle school and got him interested in forming a band. After school, while working at a karaoke bar, he met Akira and the two became close friends. He moved in with Akira, and formed a band with him and Seiichi.


- VERY scared of chain letter messages. Seiichi often sends them to him as a quick laugh.

- Collects vinyls

- He likes romantic movies and novels, but he keeps it hidden.


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