Seiichi is Satoshi's childhood friend. Satoshi met him in middle school and introduced him to rock music and the idea of being in a band. They tend to spend a lot of time together, and sees Seiichi as like a brother.


Akira is Satoshi's bandmate and roommate. They met when working at a karaoke bar together, and their temperments meshed well. He likes Akira's drive and passion, but isn't fond of Akira's habits of barging in at random hours with ideas.


Satoshi has a massive crush on Mars and has for as long as Mars has been on the scene. He met him through Masato, and has been trying to nagivate being in his band as support and dealing with his ever growing crush on him.


Satoshi is weirded out by Yukio, but doesn't hate him. He often sees him because of Akira inviting him over or him showing up at Mars' apartment.


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