Seiichi is outwardly a very cute and personable person. He's very sweet and cheery to fans, often doing over the top fanservice and is considered the "cutesy" one in the band. He acts the same way at his maid job, but tends to unravel more when he sees Minami. Out of his musician persona, he's more cynical and serious, and tends to be more practical and realistic. He gets annoyed very easily, but usually is fine around his bandmates. He's very competative with people outside his circle, and tends to hate going through the process of getting to know new people.


Seiichi was born into a well-off family. He grew up in the shadow of his older sister, Reika. He befriended Satoshi sometime in middle school, and the two have been friends ever since. He had an interest originally in pop music, but ended up getting into visual kei through Satoshi and then got into playing guitar. He met Akira from Satoshi, and since has been in ParaNOIDDroid.


- Plays a lot of mobile games. Also likes games like DDR.

- Still lives at home with his parents.

- He likes lolita fashion and y2k fashion.

- His normal hair is brown and short, but he tends to wear wigs for his band and extensions for his maid job.


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