Satoshi is Seiichi's best friend and bandmate! They've known each other since childhood. He spends most of his time with him, and usually Akira too. He likes joking around with him, often doing things to freak him out for a laugh. Often when they're not doing bandwork together, they're gaming together.


Akira is Seiichi's bandmate! Seiichi took a bit to warm up to Akira, as he does most people, but when he did, really considers him a close friend and enjoys his happy demeanor. He tries to keep Akira's feet on the ground, but enjoys how motivated and passionate he is.


Seiichi absolutely hates Yukio. He gets annoyed at Yukio's antics, and hates his close bond with Akira. He also despises the fact Yukio has a crush on his sister, Reika.


Seiichi knows of Mars and has talked to him a few times. He's not super close to him, but knows of Satoshi's crush on Mars and is silently rooting for them.


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