Ai at first comes across as the trope of a helpless injured girl, especially because her idol persona revolves around that. She's quite shy and withdrawn, only really coming alive once she's comfortable with people. Once she's close, she opens up a lot more and tends to be a lot more chatty and likes joking around with people and catching them off guard with teasing. She's very idealistic and optimistic.


Ai grew up incredibly sick, spending most of her childhood in the hospital. She was heavily doted on by her father and her older brother, Kazuki, the latter of whom shared with her his passion of idols. From a young age, she dreamed of getting healthy enough to perform like that. Her health was always uneasy, but during a period where she was on an upswing, Kazuki managed to bring her to idol auditions. She was soon scouted for teams and worked her way up, eventually debuting in her late teens with a popular idol group called CANDIED-DOLLZ. She quit when she hit 18, deciding to become a solo idol to change her paths from being a cutesy idol to a more alternative idol.


- Has a VERY large plushie collection. Her favorite is a stuffed rabbit bought for her by her deceased mom.

- Has dinner with her dad and Kazuki at least 1-2 times a month!

- Hates doing fanmeets and interacting with fans because they get too into her 'injured idol who needs protecting' persona.

- Has trouble seeing out of her left eye, so it's usually covered.

- Occasionally wears pink contact lenses.

- Childhood friends with Momoka and met her during high school.


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