Ai is extremely close to Yukio!! They met at a photoshoot for a magazine and hit it off right away!! Ai thinks he's really cute and likes how he doesn’t baby her just because of her persona. She tends to tease him a lot (in a friendly manner). She likes going shopping with him.


Ai doesn't know Nozomu well, but she likes him!! Thinks he's a cool and mysterious guy.


... Who?


Ai and Momoka are childhood friends! Ai met Momoka in middle school and they're been in and out of touch since, but are closer than ever! Ai likes dressing up Momoka and playing video games with her.


Ai and Misaki met after playing shows together. Ai thinks Misaki is really cool and mysterious and wants to get to know her more!!


Kazuki is Ai's older brother. He spent a lot of time taking care of her when she was growing up, and he kickstarted her idol career. She adores him and has family dinner with him and her dad at least once a month!


Kaname is Ai's main doctor. Despite working as a surgeon, he took over her care and attends to her whenever she comes into the hospital. She adores him and often calls him "Jii-nii", and suspects some type of relationship between him and her brother.


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